Birgit Yegülalp


Birgit Yegülalp

Hereby an introduction!

I am an enthusiastic motivator, who does everything with lots of passion. By now I have seen quite a bit of the world but my heart is mostly with Rhodes Island In Greece. I have been a dive instructor there for several seasons and have also lived there several times. From the age of 20 I have faced many and sometimes very difficult decisions and gained experiences that were very challenging, both privately and professionally. In the end, 3 years ago, I decided to really change course and do what I really want to do. This did not happen by itself.

Why not? Because for most of my life I had the image of a successful, motivated and talented person. I looked like I had everything together. I always had a good job, lived and studied in different countries, all by myself. I had adventurous hobbies in addition to my full-time job and many friends. I waited many years to really follow my heart and I kept encountering problems that I always overcame, but not without a fight. In addition, I also kept preparing, working on myself with more training, education and experiences. I said to myself, Someday…I will do what I really want to do, whatever that may be!

Now it's time!

What I want is to share my experiences with you and motivate you to do what you really want in life, just like me! I would like to coach you in important steps in your life, help you learn from your fears, and let you overcome them. I am really here to help you make the right changes in your (working) life yourself, which will make you enjoy yourself so much more. I do this by making podcasts that you can listen to, giving training courses, coaching & webinars. Of course we can also put together a suitable package together, 1-on-1 based, on what you want to achieve! All this to help YOU and motivate you to achieve all the goals and aspirations you have in life!

Birgit Yegülalp in short:

  • Bachelor's degree - international hospitality management - chn/stenden university leeuwarden
  • Master - international business management - universidad autonóma barcelona
  • Padi - open water scuba instructor - australia, brisbane/goldcoast
  • Intuitive life coach training - rys coach academy/mascha jongman
  • Motivational speaker training - one education

  • Assistant to the general manager - intern manchebo beach resort aruba (1 year)
  • Assistant hotel manager - königsleiten, austria (1 winter season)
  • 5* hotel housekeeping manager - amsterdam (9 months)
  • Recruiter/headhunter/team manager - amsterdam & london (9 years)
  • Open water scuba instructor - trident scuba school, rhodes greece (present, part-time/seasonal work)
  • Trainer, coach & podcast maker - cheering with birgit